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President’s Desk


Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

Well Augst is now upon us and it promises to be a warm one!  The Convention was informative and I'm hoping the mid-year conference in September in Sparks NV will give a better understanding of how to better promote our lodge and atract new members.

We need volunteers, there are several committee chairs that stand vacant.  If you would like to be on the committee, please reach out to one of the board of officers.  The Fellowship committee requires you to hold the Fellowship degree and Moose Legion committee requires you be a Moose legionaire.  All other committees require you to be a lodge member in good standing, so please think about volunteering.

Lastly, we are sand to announce that our Fraternity has lost one of its own, Mr. Roger "Robi" Roberts.  Robi was a Pligrim, past Governor, and past Administrator for our lodge.  Please join me in sending condolences to his family.


Jim Tillis



Senior Regent’s Desk

Summer is in full swing and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.I'm happy to tell you,we
received letters back, from both, our sponsor child Katrina, at Mooseheart and our Grandma Cris, at
Moosehaven. Katrina is spending the summer with her family and Cris mentioned that they have been
able to resume some outings like shopping away
from Moosehaven.

If you haven't read the June/July Moose magazine yet, there are some great articles about our
Mooseheart senior class graduates of 2021, which I found very inspirational and brought me to
happy tears. As I thumbed through the magazine,smack dab in the middle, is a picture of OUR
KATRINA,modeling a Women of the Moose t-shirt for sale!!!
I can't wait for us to send her a card when she gets back to Mooseheart, to congratulate her on her
new modeling career.

In July,some of our sisters and brothers attended the 202lllllllnternationalMoose Convention in
Cincinnatiiiiii,the board attended the District meeting in Escondido and we celebrated National Hot
Dog month every Monday with dishes like, childhood favorite, pigs in a blanket and chili dogs.
Nancee Roberts, Fraternal Activities Chairmen held her fundraiser dinner, we saw line dancing come
back and our lodge was able to extend our hours we are opened.

In August,we have some things to look forward to, our Monday menu will be based on celebrating
National Sandwich month, and we hope you'll come out to support and weekly line dancing will
continue. August 13th will be a special day for the WOTM. Sherry Udell, our Mooseheart/Moosehaven
Chairmen, will hold her fundraiser dinner, and we will celebrate our 18th birthday for our Chapter
with a OJ and cake of course!!! Please come celebrate all of our women, who make up this
wonderful community.

In addition,to what we are already doing in August,please come out on August 28th for our annual
District Picnic at the Escondido lodge. Everyone is invited for a beautiful evening BBQ and feel
free to stay and RV or tent camp. They have really made the grounds a perfect place to enjoy this
district picnic and we hope to see everyone's happy faces.

Yours truly,

Stacy Sorensen
Senior Regent ©